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IHL – International Humanitarian Law

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IHL – International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law is a set of rules that regulate the way armed conflicts are conducted. There are two main focuses of IHL, which is a branch of international law. First focus is on protection of civilians and limitation of effects armed conflict has on them, and it also regulates and restricts the means and methods of warfare which is available to all conflicting sides. This law is inspired by consideration to all humanity as well as mitigation of human suffering. 
There are few things that constitute IHL, Geneva Conventions, Hague Conventions, and all subsequent treaties, as well as customary international law and case law.

All of them work towards implementing rules and restrictions on the warfare and limiting the destruction it brings to both civilians and their property. Crimes that are committed against the IHL are known as war crimes. But there are other unwritten rules that all sides in the conflict are expected to follow.

C3C4CD09-F070-F1A6-DAF7499058D93FF9Those rules exist due to some fractions in some conflicts who didn’t sign treaties that would lead to IHL. It should be noted that operates on international war level, and there is a strict division between that and internal armed conflicts, and the rules that apply to both conflict types. This dichotomy between laws that cover these conflict types is widely criticized by many.

Like every other law system IHL has its own basic rules that imply actions on the battlefields.

– People that are not participants in the conflict, people outside of the combat ( civilians ) and people that are not taking part in the fights ( neutral parties ) should be protected from any harm by all sides of the conflict.
– Those that are wounded and sick should not be harmed. Red cross and Red crescent is not to be harmed by anyone.
– Captured soldiers should be taken care of, not harmed and they should be able to contact their families.
– No torture should happen to anyone.
– There are limitations on what can be used in warfare.
– Attacks should be carried against combatants, never against non-combatants.

Legal interesting – Questions of American lawyers

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Legal interesting – Questions of American lawyers

It is a known thing that America is a country with the largest number of lawyers in the world both in absolute and relative terms. Active members of the profession belong to the richer layer of American citizens because the number of disputes in America, huge, and the court is impossible to appear without a lawyer, whose fees were 30% of the value of the dispute. Because of a lot of people with kidney disease in the United States exist a large number of kidney disease attorney company.

In the below described is a humorous but an authentic view (not) common attorney questions and statements.

Who died?

-Are you or your younger brother the one who was killed in the war?
-Did he kill you?
-Your youngest son, the twenty-one years, tell us how old is he?

Important warning

At the door, a well-known New York lawyer is this warning:
-When you walk into this office, bring me your problem as humble as possible, and I let it complicate it if necessary.

The oldest profession

-Disputing an engineer, a surgeon and a lawyer on whose profession is the oldest. The surgeon points out: We all know how God from Adam’s rib created Eve. It is obvious that medicine is first created.

An engineer responds: Yes, but before that, God is the chaos created heaven and earth, and in less than a week. You must agree that it was a masterpiece of engineering, and it makes this profession older than medicine.
Then the lawyer happily laughed and said – Who do you think created the chaos?

Legal Interesting news – Unusual theft

law1In the German town of Trier, police arrested 23-year-old student, because his laptop plugging it in at the railway station and consumed electricity worth one cent. The student against whom the police have filed a complaint for theft of electricity, did not deny that include lap-top into the electricity grid at a railway station, and it is done therefore to check the address of a hotel.

Although kangaroos live in Australia, a kangaroo was stolen in Poland. The police assumed that the thieves had remained hidden in the zoo to the closure, after which they broke into the cage and took the kangaroo, and for thieves to trace.

Personal injury law

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Personal injury law

This law is referred to legal cases regarding dispute when one person suffers damage caused from an accident or from an injury and the other person is legally involved in causing that damage. These cases usually go through civil court.This type of cases usually starts when injured party files a complaint to a civil court against other individual, business company, government agency and other, imposing that they acted unconscionable or negligently regarding an accident or damage and caused him a harm. And by this type of action he files the lawsuit.

Disputed parties can arrange informal settlement, this is settled asides of court and includes only the involved individuals, their attorneys or insurances houses. In this settlement they usually negotiate about the conditions and written agreement must be made.

In this agreement they decide whether they are going to file a lawsuit or are they going to resolve the matter peacefully and trough some sort of a payment.

_3532729To file this type of lawsuit everyone must pay attention to time, because they have so called “statute of limitations” and that statute begins from the moment of injury in other words; from the time when injury was made or discovered. The state law established statutes of limitations and they are different for every type of damage. It can be from one year up to six years, depending on a harm.
The main legal organization that manages the personal injury law is the court and its decision is final. There were attempts to ignite this law under the statutes, but it still falls under a courts’ jurisdiction.

Although, many states have taken a course to develop this law and to put it under a statutes jurisdiction.

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